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This Was The First Ever Picture Of My Masking Tape Ball (Left) And The Rubber Band Ball Together

Chilling On The Couch With My Rubber Band Ball (Left) And Masking Tape Ball (Right)

This Is The Masking Tape Ball Being Compared To The Bowling Ball!!!

This Is My Masking Tape Ball On The Scales At BURNS, This Is Where I Learned That It Would Get Dirty If I Didnt Wrap It!!! IT Weighted 52 Pounds At The Time

Setting The Masking Tape Ball On My Should When I Could Actually Hold It!!!

This Was A Picture Of Me And The Ball At 300 Rolls!!!

So What I Got Bored With Some Blue Masking Tape

So What? I Got Bored And Made Some Wacked Out Designs Withs Blue And Green Tape

My Best Friend And I Got Bored And Decided It Would Be Cool If We Made A Face Out Of Our Balls! Mine Is (Left) And His Is (Right)

This Is My Best Friend And His Masking Tape Ball (Top) And Mine (Bottom) Messing Around With Our Balls!

More Of My Fabulos Art Work With Grenn And White Tape

More Green And White!

Showing Off My Fremont Ross Pride With Purple And White Tape, Plus Also I Got Bored Again And Made More Art Work!

This Is A Picture With Me And The Beanie Duck That My Sponsor Sent Me And The Shirt Too!!! Thanks!

This Was The Last Time I Could Pick Up The Ball At 112 Pounds! It Is Sitting Next To My Head As A Comparison!

Taking A Simple Knee Pose By The Ball

This Is My Masking Tape Ball (Left) And My Rubber Band Ball (Right) In The Door Way

I'm Behind The Ball In The Door Way Just Chilling

Chilling Behind The Masking Tape Ball (Left) And The Rubber Band Ball (Right) In The Door Way

A Simple Comparison Of One Roll Of Tape To The Ball

This Is What The Ball Looked Liked When I Put It In A Very Large Garbage Bag To Protect It From The Rocks And Dirt On The Scale At BURN. 112 Pounds

This Is Me Holding The Rubber Band Ball (Top) And The Masking Tape Ball (Bottom) In The Door Way!

Comparing My Head To The Masking Tape Ball (Left) And The Rubber Band Ball (Right)

I Set A Roll Of Tape On The Ball Just To See How Much Bigger The Ball Was